Tuesday, August 20, 2013

New Love

Liza has many loves.

She loves her bears,her blankets, books,puzzles, hats, dance, her friend Ryah, and of course her family.

And how do we know she loves these things? Well one way is that her favorite things, in Liza's view, need to be with her as much as possible. She frequently packs up her backpack with one of her blankets,  a book or two, current favorite bear, and a sippy cup for good measure, when we leave the house. She knows that these things will have to stay in the car, but she insists on bringing them anyway. Playing outside? Usually with a bear, at least one bear. Reading a book? that would require a bear and a blanket. Practicing dance? That one needs a bear. ( given their teacher has them practise one of their dances with stuffed animal)  As I think about it, most often you will find her with at least one, if not all, of these things in her possession. But to really know is something is at the top of Liza's list you need to know what she want in bed with her. From the begining she has filled her sleeping space with her favorite things. Liza literally plays herself to sleep. Sometimes I wonder how she manages with so many bumpy things. Once in a while I put her favorite things back to where I think they should go, only to have them return once again to her bed. Tonight I peaked in on her and saw something new.

Can you see it? Look closely.

There under the bear. It's pink and white and some more pink. It's legos!! Liza received these as a gift for her birthday and she loves them. She asked to play with them first thing this morning, and again during quiet time, and again this evening. Apparently that wasn't enough and she brought them to bed.
Notice the books she also insists on bringing to bed? Missing from this picture is a parental unit. Liza campaigns for this frequently, but parental units sleep in their own bed. As a compromise Daddy will often snuggle with her for a while. I love this silly, cute smiley little girl.

( yes I have taken care of the electric cord situation. It's to the Christmas lights in her house.)

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Pioneer Days

Oour stake had a pioneer activity on the 24th and we decided to go. When we got there they had the three legged, and potato sack races going as well as a petting zoo. The kids enjoyed getting to know the guiena pigs and goats. They also had a pony there that you could take a turn riding, but Liza wasn't interested.

Daniel also enjoyed seeing the bunnies.

Later on they had  pie and watermelon easting contests. We contented ourselves with simply eating the pie. Inside they had lots of crafts and games for the kids to try. Liza and Daniel both enjoyed making the ox paper puppets and button necklaces.

Liza also was thrilled with the corn husk doll that she helped me to make. It was surprisingly simple.

They had more games and things for us to do, but we ran out of time. It was probably one of the best pioneer activities that we have been too.

Manly in Pink

Last night I was on my own in getting the kids to bed. I told Liza to go get a nightshirt on. Wonder of wonders she run off happily to do as instructed. Daniel followed Liza and they both came back in there nightshirts. Liza in her My little Pony nightshirt and Daniel in on of Liza's shirts complete with fluttery sleeves and sequence hearts. He was very pleased with having put the shirt on himself. I couldn't bring myself to make him take it off. Later as I was trying to read them their bedtime stories, Daniel had a grand time climbing over the back of the couch and wrestling Liza.

Kids Workshop

On the first Saturday of the month Home Depot  hosts of kids workshop. This morning we went for the first time as a family. this months project was a truck. Liza and Daniel each received a apron and a truck kit. The area was full of hammering as kids and dads put the trucks together.  We found a spot of empty floor and went to work. Jack ended up doing most of the work, with Liza helping on hers. Daniel on the other hand was very tired so we went wondering through the store looking at tile and lights. Towards the end, while Liza was painting, Daniel feel asleep while I help him and continued to doze in the car. Liza is very happy with her truck and insisted bringing it to bed with her.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Mommy's helper

I thought that since I was writing about Daniel, I needed to give Liza some attention as well. She's my little helper,my shadow, and wants to do just about everything she sees her parents do.

Liza is a confirmed peanut butter addict. She is also addicted to Mythbusters.

Liza usually enjoys having Daniel around, except when he wants to share the toy she is playing with.In this picture she's trying to keep the ipad from him, which is a lost cause. Daniel loves the ipad, and will move at high speeds to get it.

Giving baby kisses.Daniel is very patient when Liza wants to be big sister.
Washing dishes is a favorite activity at our house. in fact anything involving water is sure to be great fun.

Once again Liza  is enjoying the opportunity to help mommy and Daniel is being a good sport. She was very genteel and didn't get any soap in Daniel's eyes.

8 Months!!!

As of Monday, Daniel is eight months old. time has flown and I suspect it will only get faster. Daniel continues to be my snugly baby and is full of smiles. He loves to talk and kick his feet. Daniel has been rolling around the floor for a while now and has added to his repertoire belly crawling. He stretches one arm as far as it will go and pushes off with his legs, this often results with his bum in the air. then he reaches out with the other arm, stretches, and pushes off with his feet. I often come back into a room and have to look around too figure out where he is.  It especially fun to watch him spot something across the room that he wants and  very determinedly wiggle across the room to get to it. He will also do a "double arm pull' by putting his forearms in front of him and then pulling them towards his chest. Thus my children demonstrate once again their preferences for creative crawling.

Daniel also likes to twist and roll his tongue. Perhaps I find it so interesting because I cannot do anything at all  with my tongue.It baffles me how he does it.

Daniel also loves the tent we have set up in our living room. He will crawl inside and kick at the walls making those wonderful 'swish swish swish' sounds. He will roll and turn himself around so he can look out and keep an eye on everyone from inside his little space. Then to change things up he will get out and wrestle with the tent. He usually does this with his bottom half underneath, legs kicking, while trying to subdue to tent to his will with his arms. It's very cute and will keep him entertained for a long time.

Daniel also has a love for playing with the dishes. Why playing with plates and bowls is such exciting fun is only known to Daniel, but we get a lot of mileage out of the game.

Daniel also loves his bath, he gets very excited whenever I start the water.

He loves to be a part of things, especially if that means giving Liza a hard time. Hanging out with Daddy is fun, but usually mom is better. In short we love our little guy and are grateful to have him.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Rollen (note this was started on 10/11/2011)

We've been working really hard on our baby exercises with Daniel. From almost day one we've been doing crunchies, leg standings, tummy time, and assisted rolls. Yesterday and the day before Daniel and I were doing rolls around the room, and every time he would flip over I ( and sometimes Liza) would cheer and rub backs or tummies ( i haven't been able to teach him 'fives' yet). Today I couldn't hardly leave him alone on the floor without him rolling over onto his tummy. Of course I would discover this because he would get frustrated and start to fuss. I was always walking into the room to find him stuck.  He tends to push off with his legs and get his face smashed up against the floor.  He did roll from tummy to back a couple of times today on his own, so with a little more practice he could be rolling around the room. I would be thrilled if he does. This is something uniquely Daniel and I'm tickeled.

this was a time where i wish the camera was in video mode. he flipped over on his own, smoothly, without any fuss or struggle.